Educational coloring pages

October 13th, 2015

In institutions as kindergarten and primary school, there are often used educational coloring pages for learning purposes. Children are going to learn easily the alphabet or the numbers, if they think that they are playing with the letters and with the numbers.

Printing coloring pages from any parent can get a rich portfolio of teaching materials for his child. Letters associated with cartoon characters, illustrated with a word that begins with that letter, can be an amusing way of learning. Coloring, the child is paying attention to the shapes, in order not to draw out of lines, but he is also going to remember how the letter looks, its shape. They can also create a little story about the shape of every letter: why does it look like that, in order to remember and associate the story with the image, with the colors, with the characters in the picture. This is a way of learning and also explore kids’ creativity.

The same method can be used when talking about numbers, because number coloring pages are also available. The parents can create a little personal “numbers’ book” by printing all ten coloring pages, and putting them together in a file, with the child’s name on it. Coloring every number in original ways, the child is going to remember an associate every image with every number.

The shapes coloring pages are, sometimes, harder to be learned by little children because they can understand the new special words only by associating them with the images, because the shapes (oval, circle, heart, pentagon, rectangle, triangle, star, square) are concepts a little too abstract for them. Using coloring pages for learning every shape, is easier for the kid to remember an associate the concept with the shape that he colored.

Therefore, we may say that if you are trying to help a child learning the alphabet, the numbers, or any geometrical shapes, you must use coloring pages because they are excellent teaching materials. Also, these pages are fun to be used, the child playing and learning, also, not feeling stressed but enjoying the activity.