What makes me meet David Azzato

July 14th, 2016

David Azzato is one of the big names in real estate and online entertainment and game industry today. He owns several sites that advertise and sell real estate and has a chess game portal where you can enjoy the beauty of playing chess online.
Me and my team found a way to talk with David Azzato about his great achievements. It was not an easy job to take a few minutes of his time, because he and his team are working a lot. But somehow we managed it to take about half an hour of his time and talk to him about everything.
“What are you working on right now?” we asked right away, and he replied: “We are trying to find a way to make our credit card processing system safer.” We knew there was not, but I had to ask: “Is there maybe a problem with the safety?”. He smiled and answered: “Of course not, it’s flawless, but everything can always be better. And we never stop, once we place a product, although we know it is perfect we try to come up with ideas to make it better and more innovative. Creativity plays a big role in everything we do.”, just like I though they really care about their costumers.
“Is that maybe stressful sometimes to always think how to make something better?” – “No, it really isn’t. We don’t push it, we wait for the ideas to come to us. Sometimes it takes us months to find a solution or a better way to represent something. One thing we don’t have here is stress, I think.” “That cannot be seen at many places, especially those teams who work with so many clients.” – “I realized that, and it was really hard to come up with an concept of team structure and organization that would not let stress and negativity come in and be a part of it. But our clients also realized with the time that our solutions are quite innovative, creative and good and that it pays out to wait for us to come up with them. The appreciate our work and we appreciate their time and patience.” Somehow I got the urge to become a part of his team right away.

So what makes us want to meet David Azzato?

He is a one of a kind businessman and employer. There are not many places where you can find a team like his where everyone has the same right to talk and to be a part of the decisions that are made. “Is there a way people can meet you and talk to you on how to become a part of your team?” – “Yes there are many ways, I am a normal man like everyone else. I have a family, go to parks, in restaurants and everything.”, he smiled, “But usually when we need someone new we find them, talk to them and see if they fit in our team.”
If you ever get a call from Mr. Azzato or anyone from his team, do not hesitate. It is really a great atmosphere here and we would have stayed longer, but there was work waiting for David and for us too.